I grew up at the beach in southern California.  I learned to surf at a young age, back when long boards were the only boards and no one wore wetsuits, even in winter.  Living near the beach and the nearby inland valleys has shaped how I see things and what I appreciate.  I have always been more realistic than impressionistic and have tried to identify why things look the way they do and what makes some things more interesting and beautiful than others.

Capturing the delights of everyday life in watercolor has become my passion.  My technical background gives me a more realistic perspective and I thoroughly enjoy finding the detail in the midst of the big picture.  I like to recognize familiarity of the people, place, and scene in a painting.  That is what makes a work of art more worthwhile for me.  Familiar scenes of favorite activities and events add a touch more than just the quality of the art. I work with transparent watercolors only, with only very rarely a touch of white gauche or black ink pen.  Transparent watercolor is a perfect medium for capturing the beaches, harbors, landscapes, sunsets and skies of our beautiful environment in Santa Barbara.

Member of the Santa Barbara Art Association.